I am inspired by colours, life, happiness, textures and combining my love for bohemian, quirky style with vintage and modern fashion.
I love to create unusual, yet everyday pieces that will inspire you. Whether it is a Gemstone jewellery set for your wedding, a quirky necklace, a rainbow bracelet, a button bangle, a rainbow ring or wire wrapped earrings for your every days and add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Every piece is designed and handmade by me and is created to be worn everyday, but to make you stand out from the crowd.

So who am I? I've been always keen on art, crafts, photography, nature, colors. Started as a kid when my and my twin sister turned every single bead what we
had into something. I remember us making a "stall" from our bunk bed and "visiting" each others "shop". Still makes me laugh and my heart filling with happiness
when I think about those moments.
I always carried on crafting, but sometimes my other passion, photography was the main thing in my life. I have started to do more crafty projects and started designing jewellery when we moved to Scotland in 2010 with my better half, purely because I could not find any jewelry which I liked. I've started making brooches, accessories from felt and had a passion towards buttons, which I have got from my beloved auntie who looked after my twin sister and me when we were kids.

My dream of running a small Jewellery shop would have not come true without your precious help, so thank you very very much!

I hope you will like my work and let me know, if there is something what catches your eyes.

Orsi Mészáros