Here you can see some of my Tree of life necklaces, Gemstone necklaces, Felted ball necklace, Quirky button necklaces and other fun pieces :)

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      Amazing Tree of life necklace, made from genuine red coral gemstone chips, creating a one of a kind mystical necklace for the everydays. Other gemstones and birthstones available.

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    Gorgeous Rainbow tree of life with an added Butterfly charm to create a sympathy gift, memorial gift for someone who have is gone. The colours will bring some relief in the sad days and will make you fill with good memories.

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          If you like traditional symbols with a twist, then you might like some of my handmade Tree of life pendant. 

This turquoise nugget necklace is a perfect gift for everyone who loves colours, since I made it, by using bright pink copper wires. 

Perfect present for anyone who you love and care about. 


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     This time I made a family tree necklace to symbolise the strong feelings and connection between mother - daughter, mother and son or wife and husband or the yin and yang. Twisted a black and silver tree together to create this perfect unique piece. No replicas exist! 

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       Beautiful Weeping willow tree necklace in Earthy colours, perfect accessories for the fall, autumn.

Added different length and type of bronze chain to the necklace to give some depth to it and also have a steampunk jewellery feeling.


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        Unique Penny Farthing handmade wire wrapped pendant with chunky real leather button to create a perfect vintage bicycle look. Added on bronze chain and finished with bronze fittings.


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